Disability Health Resources

Find Healthy Programs

There are lots of programs in Michigan designed to help you better manage your health. Check out the different programs and find classes near you:

Get the most from visits to your health provider

Learn tips and skills to help you make the best use of your limited time with your health provider, in this brief webcast.

The Affordable Care Act

How will the changes brought by the Affordable Care Act impact people with disabilities? What about the changes in access to Medicaid? Find out here.
Alliance for Medicaid Access – MDHHS

Family-to-Family Health Education & Information Center

Family-to-Family's goal is to improve access to quality care and supports for children with special needs in their communities by empowering families.

Federal Disability Resources

This website is the national clearinghouse for disability-related information and resources.

Get Healthy

Use the tools on Michigan’s health and wellness page to make Michigan a healthier state – starting with you!

Guide to a Healthy Home

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services presents this booklet to help keep your home free of things that can cause health problems or injuries.
Healthy Home Guide

Inclusive Image Library

Positive, active images of people with a variety of disabilities for your publications – free!

Lose Weight

Losing just 10% of your body weight can make significant improvements to both your physical and mental health. Pledge to lose 10% and get your free MI Healthier Tomorrow starter kit.

Michigan Disability Resource Directory

This website details a wealth of disability resources in Michigan in the areas of employment, education, housing, transportation, health, benefits, technology, accessibility, programs and services, disability rights, and recreation.

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability

NCPAD is an information center concerned with physical activity and disability – because physical activity is for EVERY body!

Planning Accessible Meetings

This link will take you to a booklet that describes how to plan meetings that are accessible to everyone.
Accessible Information Exchange: Meeting on a Level Playing Field

Prevent Breast Cancer

Women with disabilities need regular screening for breast cancer, too. Here you'll find basic information on breast cancer screening.

The Michigan Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program provides free life-saving screening services for low-income women:

Find an accessible mammography facility near you: Search for your county alphabetically.

If you are an agency or organization that would like to access free promotional materials on breast cancer screening for women with physical disabilities, visit the 'Right to Know' campaign from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Listen to stories about women with disabilities who are also breast cancer survivors.

hear helen's story
transcript of Helen's story

hear june's story
transcript of June's story
hear judi's story
transcript of Judi's story
hear diane's story
transcript of Diane's story

Quit Smoking

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services provides these resources to help you quit.

Resources on smoking cessation and people with disabilities, from the American Association on Health and Disability

Tobacco brochure on quitting smoking for people with disabilities and their health providers.

The webinar Tobacco Use and People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities provides a broad overview of patterns of tobacco use, the effects of tobacco on this population, and existing resources for tobacco cessation.