Disability Health Resources

Find Healthy Programs – There are lots of programs in Michigan designed to help you better manage your health. Check out the different programs and find classes near you.

Get the most from visits to your health provider – Learn tips and skills to help you make the best use of your limited time with your health provider, in this brief webcast​.

Federal Disability Resources – The US Department of Labor website is the national clearinghouse for disability-related information and resources.

Michigan Disability Resource Directory – This website details a wealth of disability resources in Michigan in the areas of employment, education, housing, transportation, health, benefits, technology, accessibility, programs and services, disability rights, and recreation.

Be ActiveNCPAD is an information center concerned with physical activity and disability – because physical activity is for EVERY body!

Quit Smoking

Family-to-Family Health Education & Information CenterFamily-to-Family's goal is to improve access to quality care and supports for children with special needs in their communities by empowering families.

Children’s Special Health Care ServicesCSHCS supports families and children with disabilities through a variety of services and programs.

Breast Cancer

Arthritis – The Michigan Arthritis Foundation

Alzheimer’s and Dementia – The Alzheimer’s Association

Cerebral PalsyUnited Cerebral Palsy

Multiple Sclerosis – The National MS Society
Planning Accessible Meetings – This booklet, Accessible Information Exchange: Meeting on a Level Playing Field, describes how to plan meetings that are accessible to everyone.

Inclusive Image Library – Positive, active images of people with a variety of disabilities for your publications – free!
Michigan Talent Connectthe MITalent website provides information and resources for individuals with disabilities looking for employment.

Michigan Rehabilitation ServicesMRS provides a wide range of services and supports including training, accommodation services, ADA consultations, and job seeking resources.
Guide to a Healthy Home – The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services presents the Healthy Home Guide to help keep your home free of things that can cause health problems or injuries.

Financial assistance for home modificationsElderCare Locator provides links to many potential sources of financial assistance for disability-related home modifications.

Rental Housing RightsOverview of the rental rights of tenants with disabilities.

Assisted Living – among other resources, their website outlines Assisted Living Benefits for Veterans.

Planning to move?Tips and advice on safely moving for seniors and people with disabilities.
The Affordable Care Act – How will the changes brought by the Affordable Care Act impact people with disabilities? What about the changes in access to Medicaid? Find out here.
Alliance for Medicaid Access – MDHHS

Medicaid – The Michigan Medicaid website outlines programs, the applications progress, and who to call for assistance.