Prevalence of Adults with Disabilities in Michigan

The following data came from the Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, an annual telephone survey of the adult population of Michigan. More detailed information about this survey can be found at,1607,7-132-2945_5104_5279_39424---,00.html

Summary and trends:

  • There were 1,684,000 Michigan adults with disabilities in 2009, or 22% of the total adult Michigan population.
  • The number of adults with disabilities increased by 238,000 between 2001 and 2009.
  • Numbers of adults with disabilities have ranged from 1.5 million in 2001 to 1.9 million in 2008.
graph showing number of adults with disabilities by year, 2001-2009
  • Prevalence rates (%) of Michigan adults with disabilities have ranged from a low of 19.5% in 2001 to a high of 24.5% in 2008.
  • Annual average rates of adults with disabilities in Michigan have generally increased between 2001 and 2009.
graph showing percent of adults with disabilities grouped by three year intervals

Prevalence by disability definition and sociodemographic characteristics

See 2009 BRFS Table 7 at:,1607,7-132-2945_5104_5279_39424_39426-134606--,00.html

  • The proportion of the population with disabilities increases with age, is higher for females than males, and declines as education and household income increase.

Prevalence by 7 race-ethnicity categories, 2007-2009 combined

View the BRFS Table.

  • The highest prevalence rates of disability in 2007-2009 occurred among non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaskan natives and non-Hispanic "other" or multi-racial, even when adjusted for age differences between the various racial-ethnic groups.
  • Non-Hispanic whites and blacks experienced intermediate rates of disability, while Asian or other Pacific Islanders, Arabs and Hispanics had the lowest rates.

Prevalence of persons with disability in Michigan by region and local health department district

See 2007-2009 Michigan BRFS Regional and Local Health Department Estimates, Table 7, at:

  • Detroit, Genesee County and counties in the northern lower and eastern upper peninsulas displayed higher disability prevalence rates in 2007-2009 than particular counties in western and southeast Michigan. View map.
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